Do you understand the investment approach your advisor uses to manage your portfolio?  Is the advisor’s values aligned with yours?  Your advisor may be biased to a philosophy or strategy that may NOT be the best for you.  

Understanding Investment Philosophies and Strategies

One of the most confusing elements for clients when it comes to picking an advisor is understanding the advisor's philosophy and how it applies to their situation.  Oftentimes a client simply accepts what their advisor tells them without understanding there are several other approaches to managing their portfolio.

One of the most fundamental concepts is the one of "active" versus "passive" management. What are your beliefs and do they align with how your advisor is managing your money? ​

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Moreover, your preference for a particular management style may change over time as your risk tolerance changes. For example, younger investors tend to be more aggressive and may want a more actively managed portfolio whereas older investors tend to like the calmer approach of passive investing.

As your wealth manager, we start by identifying what approach:

  • is appropriate for you and your temperament,

  • gives you the greatest chance of achieving your goals,
  • adapts to your changing needs, and
  • uses the best available managers and strategies with proven track records.
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